New Puppy Needs!

Getting a puppy and not sure where to start or what you’ll need?

Here is a list to help you get started!*

Documents to help you:



Nutrition & Supplements

*Updated November 2022.  Due to 2020 many things are no longer available or have limited availability.  This is a flexible list, and we are always open to suggestions!

We feed Inushuk dog food.  We had fed Purina ProPlan Sport until they changed the formula and the dogs didn’t like the change.    We have had a few special diets with Purina ProPlan Weight Management, Nutrisource Performance, and Royal Canin Senior (for our Chihuahua!).  

Articles to read


All our dogs are on a Dr. Kruger formula!  All mama dogs are started on the Puppy & Pregnancy formula, and a starter bag is sent home with the puppies at 8 weeks.

Healthy Skin and Coat Formula

Canine BIO-DEFENSE Formula
It’s time we give dogs a fighting chance against cancer!


I give my showing dogs NuVet and my sporting dogs NuJoint tablets.  Every puppy goes home with a week’s supply to get started. 

I use many of the DocRoy’s products for my mamas and puppies.  



Dog Kennels & Crates (I’ve provided Amazon links but they change frequently)


Wire CratePETMATE 290274 28 by 20 by 19.2-Inch Navigator for Pets, Pearl Tan/Brownpet crate