Green Valley’s Golden Aurora

DOB 1/31/2017

Aurora is a sweet, intelligent girl who loves her cuddles and loves to play with her people and her four-legged friends.

See Aurora’s story here!

aurora-madi-editAurora at six weeks of age.

aurora in yard april 5 2017Aurora as a young puppy. She later became the “big sister” to Jenna‘s niece Maybelle, which has been fun to watch them both grow.  Aurora has field lines in her Golden blood – a shorter coat instead of a fluffy thick coat, and longer, more slender legs.

20170508Maybelle(280).JPGAurora has her Daddy Laddie’s dark mask, a very defining and amusing mark.  The mask gave her a “grumpy” look as a tiny pup, but now it’s a lovely accent to her color.

21055198_278490885966936_6072865435651257470_oAurora after enjoying the mud on a nice summer day.

22548732_296481264167898_1055368245770859616_oAurora (front) and Maybelle (back) running after a ball together.

20170829_184917.jpgAurora on a beautiful summer afternoon.

26219127_327268811089143_4710040799216531287_n.jpgAurora enjoying some cuddles in the house. She gets her beautiful eyes from her daddy Laddie.

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