Our Sunnybrook Goldens Families

This page is dedicated to all the wonderful Sunnybrook Goldens families and their beautiful Golden Retriever puppies.  I am grateful to all the families and wonderful people that have shared their pictures and testimonies of Sunnybrook Goldens, and have welcomed Green Valley Goldens into their circle of friends.  I look forward to adding Green Valley Goldens families to this page.

A big thank you to Sunnybrook Goldens for their friendship and trust.

Sooooo happy to know where they are going to be and how well they will be taken care of. We are so happy that you are the ones taking over. We love you soo much, dear friends – Kelly

Thank you for giving our doggies such a WONDERFUL home!!!!!!!! Can’t tell you how happy I am about that. And that they all get to be together. 🙂 – Amanda

Pictured: Ashley with Jenna; Amanda with Jasmine; Jasmine and Andy 



That’s fantastic! Yes I have my boy Hudson. He was from Jenna and Andy. He is just over a year now. Born Dec 19, 2015. A goofy, sweet, ham! – Jamie




Oh he is the sweetest and goofiest 70lb pup he is also very adventurous and loves spending hours and hours outside off leash! He LOVES getting his hair brushed anytime I am touching my hair he comes up to me and starts pawing me until I brush his haha. He makes friends with any animal that is around! We have an Aussie he can’t live without and we just added a kitten to the family and they are now best friends && we absolutely love his coloring! They get so much darker as they get older. His coat has really developed into a beautiful red and since he is past a year his curls have really started to develop .  – Mariah

Cedar is Annie and Tanner’s pup



Rudy - Annie - Tanner framed.jpg

Hi Autumn! Thanks so much for reaching out! My husband and I do have a puppy from Annie and Tanner’s litter. Rudy has been an absolutely joy in our family! I’m so happy to hear that you were able to take over Sunnybrook Goldens. We absolutely loved our experience with them and have been nothing but overjoyed with adding Rudy to our family. He is the sweetest boy and we always get compliments on how pretty of a golden he is! I always refer people to Sunnybrook, so I’ll make sure to now direct referrals to GreenValley! Here is a pictures of Rudy as well! – Shayna




Our little guy is Wilson. He is half lab. His dad is Laddie and his mom is the lab named Lilly. My husband is a duck hunter and our duck dog turns 13 this year so it was time to train a new puppy.  He likes to ride in the car, and sit on the couch.  I’ve never owned a golden before, Wilson has the most amazing temperament though. Just love him!!! – Kim



 I’m so glad you are keeping the breeding program going. We got a puppy from Jasmine and Jackson. Then Jasmine retired. He’s multicolored, lighter on his legs and belly. Kinda cool. He’s our first golden. Seems like his back hairs are slowly getting longer.  Cannon at 1 and a half years old, He’s a good boy!  I want to get a second pup one day. And would keep green valley goldens at the top of my list  – Madison

Cannon of Jasmine and Jackson




Jake (Annie and Tanner’s “Clifford”, born 7/1/15) is such a love bug. He thinks he’s a small lap dog and loves to snuggle! He is just truly the sweetest and most handsome boy ever. People constantly stop me to love on him and compliment him. He’s a healthy, strong boy who loves to explore and make new friends, both with humans and other dogs. It took us less than a month to fully potty train him and he’s such a pleaser. He is at his happiest with a routine and structure – he listens so well and loves to stay by me no matter where we are.  We recently moved down to San Francisco from Portland and he’s having a wonderful time adjusting to apartment life and exploring this new city. He is so loved!

He’s a great poser haha… also, he has his own instagram – www.instagram.com/golden.jake

Hello! We got our Hanley (then Alfred) from Sunnybrook last year. His parents were Jasmine and Andy.  I think it’s great to try and make a family page. I love seeing all the other pups but I haven’t seen anything from Hanley’s siblings. Thank you for taking over and providing such wonderful care. – Rachel


Hi Autumn, I would love to be in contact. Our Ella is from Ellie & Laddie’s litter born 7/29/2016.  She is such a beautiful sweet dog. Ella certainly has both of her parents traits (Laddie a lap lover and Ellie the sweetest Velcro dog), she is a clown too!  I will post a few pictures soon. Kathy

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Sage – Annie & Tanner