Snow Much Fun!

We had snow much fun at Mt. St. Helens!   Laddie LOVES the snow!

First, we walked around the trail at the Washington State Visitor’s Center.  Not only was he a great leader, but also followed well.  Especially after the ice bath…


Then we found deep snow further up the road.  When he wasn’t burying his bright orange toys (which were really hard to find!), he was rescuing friends “stuck” in the snow.  On breaks, he’d make Laddie Angels.

On our way home, we stopped at Hoffstead Bluffs, which had no snow but a beautiful view of the Queen of the Cascades, Loowit.


Finally, we found this scene of Mt. Rainier and had to capture it.


I had a little fun colorizing and adding elements at, especially since her majesty can’t be seen behind Laddie (though she’s right there in the middle!).


Thank you for the wonderful day!


Want to learn more about Mt. St. Helens?

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