Introducing Aurora

A re-post of some fond memories…

–Aurora’s Story–


Annie already had five little boy puppies, most of them breech, when Aurora was born.   Cutting the cord too close, Annie went back to cleaning the rest of the litter.  Aurora’s now too-short umbilical cord kept bleeding.  Only with speed, thread, bloodstop, and a lot of prayers, did little Aurora make it.   That experience planted a little seed, and the desire to keep the helpless puppy started growing.

Aurora (Annie) & Dolly (Ellie)

Aurora was sold twice in six weeks.  At the end of the sixth week, Aurora had stretched her little arms into our hearts like no other puppy.  She was the darling of the litter (along with Grumpy Nugget – he will delight our memories for years to come!). Aurora would stand in the middle of the play pen with all the boys running around her, and hold her paws up to be held.  When accommodated, she would snuggle her nose into one’s neck and sigh, happily.  How could we let her go?


Aurora’s family very graciously accepted Princess Tiny from Jenna’s litter, in exchange for Aurora.  It came at a cost for them though, as they would have to wait another four weeks before picking up their new baby.

aurora dressedtogo.jpg

At Aurora’s eight week vet appointment, the vet couldn’t find anything unusual to signify a rough start.  She became the big sister to a few puppies in Jenna’s litter that took a little longer to get to their new homes.  Aurora has even been to a few dog shows as a travelling companion.

aurora in yard april 5 2017

Aurora later became the big sister to Jenna’s niece, which has been fun to watch them both grow.  Aurora has field lines in her Golden blood – a single coat instead of a fluffy double coat, and much longer legs.


Aurora has her Daddy Laddie’s dark mask, a very defining and amusing mark.  The mask gave her a “grumpy” look as a tiny pup, but now it’s a lovely accent to her color.

fb cover 2-20-17.jpgWe received many requests for an Annie puppy, and now we can join with Annie’s family as not only watching them grow for their new homes, but also watching her grow in ours.