Ellie’s puppies, January 26, 2017

Dolly (Pink & Black collar)

Teddy (Blue)

Autzen (Green collar) (Formerly Sunny with yellow collar)

Bella (Hot Pink & Black collar, formerly Susie)


Annie’s Puppies, January 31, 2017

Rush (Green & Black collar)

Nugget (Yellow collar, formerly green)

Kodiak (Orange & white collar)

Strike (Orange)

Placer (Red)

Aurora (Purple multi-color collar)


Jenna’s Puppies, February 16, 2017

Billy boy (Gray & white collar)

Angel girl (Purple)

Candle girl (Lavender)

Orlie boy (camo collar)

Dixie girl (Hot pink collar)

Sammy boy (Black & white)

Brianna (Bree) girl (Pink)

Timber boy (gray)

Andy boy (Red)

Cassie girl (Pink camo)

Lexie girl (Hot pink & Black)


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